Deleting virtual cards

Although you can archive virtual cards it’s not possible, that I can tell, to delete them entirely. Therefore any purchase attempts still appear on your transaction list.

I ask because one of my virtual card numbers somehow got out into the big-wide-world (I still have no idea why, but it least justifies me using them!!) and I shut it down before it could be used. However, I get regular attempts at use and they all appear on my account and ping my phone, watch, etc. Ideally I’d love to get rid of the card number entirely so that this doesn’t happen. Possible?

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Seems easy to delete - certainly on Android anyway - go to the virtual card you wish to delete, tap on ‘Edit Card’ and then tap on the red ‘Delete virtual card’ text.

However… while the terminology is ‘Delete’ it does place the card into a ‘Deleted virtual cards’ section - so is it deleted or archived? Maybe it stays deleted for a set period before evaporating?

I’ve got more questions than answers here!

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You need to speak to support about this.

AFAIK the card number stays active in case any refunds are processed using it, but you can’t authorise new transactions. If you speak to support then they might be able to completely block the card number.

Edit here we are: Refund on Replacement Card - #2 by Rika