Deleting custom categories 2023

Is there any possibility we can get the custom categories feature updated to remove those ones we no longer need? Changing the colour and logo is nice, but I’d like to delete redundant ones too.

You can do so on Android, just tap edit when you’re choosing a category for something.

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And it’s the same on iOS.

Are these only available on the plus account?

I would like to see these on the free version. Especially the flex icon.

Thanks - I did some digging and saw this was on android. Sadly still not the case on iOS. I can’t even do it using the old Plus menu work around people suggested.

Bit silly really.

On iOS once I click the edit button I get that option to “Remove Category”. Is that what you need?

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Follow the instructions above. You can do this on both platforms.


The ability to create and use your own categories is a Plus/Premium feature.

Those in the image are mine I created.

There is literally no option for me to do this.

Hasn’t ever been.

Two people have provided step by step instructions on how do it.

This feature has always been there.

I think, in the OPs defence, that the option should be available from the plus/premium screen (which it isn’t from what I can see). You shouldn’t have to go in a certain way :man_shrugging:t2:

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I agree, but what they want is there if they follow the help people have given.

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My bad, I misread where they accessed it from.

It’s still beyond stupid to have to tap a transaction to then finally see an edit menu in the categories section. Terrible UX.

Thanks for your help all.


Of course. Lots of people would like everything else in Plus & Premium on the free version, but isn’t that the point of paid tiers?