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i’ve only been using RateSetter since November but I’d also recommend people try it. Super easy to get setup plus they somehow got my money into my account when I accidentally just sent a transfer with the reference “transfer”!

If anyone want’s to show me some love - here’s my referral too :stuck_out_tongue: http://link.ratesetter.com/N157UJF

Note: anyone who refers you will also get a £50 kick back

I used to use RateSetter but I felt the returns weren’t really worth the risk, especially as I was making longtermish investments.

My cash is now in a index linked stocks and shares ISA and has much better returns :slight_smile: Obviously stocks can go down as well as up, but over the long term I’d expect to gain :+1:


For me it’s about diversification. I use ratesetter but that’s not where all my money is


I’m new to investing. Currently using a robo-advisor and hoping to move away next April. Do you have any suggestions?

I totally agree diversification is where it’s at. A stocks and shares isa is another option. You have to judge the amount of risk for yourself. So far Ratesetter has a 100% payback rate to all investors, but that doesn’t mean that it’s without risk. Stocks and shares can make big gains but also fluctuate daily.

Thanks Peter, used your link, here’s mine for anyone else to use

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Did ratesetter not get caught up in some controversy recently with the way they were lending or something? I’ll try and dig out a source…

Anyways I avoided them and went for funding circle which is currently returning around 9-10%


Do you have a referral for that?


I would appreciate it!!

Can’t seem to find one. I think they may have stopped this?

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Ah that sucks! Is your funding circle account returning 9% - 10%? I briefly looked at them and read some people were losing a lot of money. Do you have the option to diversify your investments or do you have to pay, say, £1000 to a company at a time?

It’s completely random. I’m spread over I think 500 companies in total.

9-10% before fees and bad debts, which gives me around 7-8%

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I saw some fixed term saving accounts that are offering upto 5% with no risk. When I looked into the P2P lending rates last year the saving accounts won hands down.


I’d be interested if you could share those savings accounts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are referral links allowed on here?

A year ago? Yes

Now you need to add them to the referral wiki

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Okay, will post there instead :slight_smile: I guess they should be edited out from here though?

Rules have changed since this topic was last used. As long as old threads aren’t bumped they’ll be forgotten

No they come up in searches and on search engines. This was the first hit for ratesetter for example (there was no sign of the referral wiki).