Delete Profile Help

@AlanDoe @cookywook

Can you please delete my profile? I can’t find a way to DM you. Thanks

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I’ll send you a message just now @nalka :pray:t3:

Hi I didn’t receive anything?

In the top right corner should be your user image and a green icon next to it. Tap that and then tap the message indicated by an envelope next to it.

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No green icon next to user image

Just sent a private Message to test - did you receive it from me?

If you tap your profile icon top right and select the envelope which is your inbox they should be there.

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You could just change your password and not make note of it. Seems easier.

Doesn’t exactly meet GDPR though does it


Never said it did. Just that it seems like a bit of hassle to anonymise an already anonymous account and 3 posts :slight_smile: One of which is this first post in this topic.