Default icons in feed not matching categories

(Michael Jenkins) #1

In the last iOS update there was a change in how retailers with no icons are shown in the feed. (Before there was a grey tile with two initials)

Now there is a colourful logo which matches the icon set of the cost categories. However, the icons do not match the categories of the transactions.

e.g. in the feed it is showing a pub transaction with the icon of purple suitcase (holidays), but in the transaction screen shows the category as “entertainment”. I am assuming the icons in the feed and the spending categories should match? Changing the category does not update the icon.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Do you remember whether you changed the category for this transaction yourself, (from holidays to something else)?

My guess is that the icon is selected based on the category which Monzo has assigned to the merchant, which can’t be changed by the user.

If you look at the transaction details, from the API, you’ll see that each transaction has two categories -

the first is the merchant’s category which I’ve mentioned & the second, under attachments, is the category which the user can change.

If that’s the case, I’d hope that Monzo is analyzing which categories users are selecting for merchants most often & updating their merchant database periodically to apply the most appropriate category to the each merchant…

(Michael Jenkins) #3

I dont recall what the original category unfortunately, but I don’t think a london pub would be set to “holidays” by default.

It is plausible to have been set up as you describe, based on the default, but It would make more sense to make the logo match the user categorisation (if different), for corrections and multiple category retailers.

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Yup, they should match! We’ve got a fix for this :slight_smile: Thanks!