Declined: Withdrawal exceeds your limit (Malta)


Got this message twice at Bank of Valletta, Malta machine that I have used without problem before, for the same amount I have withdrawn​ multiple times before. The amount does not exceed what I have on the card.
I’m now stuck with no cash :thinking:
Please could you explain what has happened/changed?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Are Magstripe withdrawals still enabled for your account?


I tried this without success on HSBC ATMs but have not needed to before for any of the BOV ATMs I’ve used. Could try though. But puzzled if this is the fix, hope it works.

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you’ve presumably gone over your ATM withdrawal limits - ?

  • my ATM withdrawal limits are
    2000 rolling 30 day limit
    5000 annual limit

(Alex Sherwood) #5

And as Ian mentions, there are daily, monthly & annual ATM withdrawal limits which you can check here & in the app.

Here’s how to check your limits in the app if you’re an Android user or iOS user.

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if you have gone over your limits maybe worth contacting in app support to try and get them upped ?


Didn’t know this! Most annoying need to get them upped. Thanks. I have tried to take more than £1000 in a rolling month, I think this is the problem. Need to get to £2000

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maybe @Naji could help with this for you ?


Didn’t know about limits, only have £3000 annual withdrawal limit. No good to me if I’m going to travel with this card. Hope @Naji can explain please how I can up the spending limits. Thanks.

(Bob) #10

I remember reading somewhere that the annual withdrawal limit can be up’d to £5000 if you meet certain (secret!) criteria. Good luck :+1:

(Rika Raybould) #11

That would be from this post.

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well the ATM withdrawal limits of cash at £400 / day - £5000/ year ( my limit ) are great for holidays as opposed to a card to travel with for a year - you presumably have a back up card but don’t want to use it because of the rates Monzo offers ?:slight_smile: - I think “balance and top ups limits” for me are about right at £10K / 30 day rolling limit to be able to spend using my card as a normal “debit” card paying at POS terminals for my holiday needs rather than carrying cash - which I tend not to do much of anymore thanks to Monzo - I appreciate some destinations only accept cash - Malta I would have thought wasn’t one of them - why not just pay in most situations using a POS terminal rather than wanting to withdraw cash to pay for services ? The limits are there in black and white - even available on your phone :slight_smile:

(Holly Kiyani) #13

So, how do I know which limits I am on? How do I know if I’m verified?
I’m just a bit worried as I travel next month and need to pay for the hotel once I arrive.

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if you are on iPhone your limits are available in app on your phone under “card” - "settings’ - “spending and top ups limits” your limits as a verified user are in the T and C section 17 I think

(Holly Kiyani) #15

Yeah it’s the same in android, but just underneath the top tab, it says 'once verified ’ so I just wanted to know how you get verified, or if I am already verified… I’ll have a look through the forums. X


Limits can be found in Android in your settinga

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check your limits in section 17 it shows verified and non verified

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verifying your id about 45 seconds into video presumably similar on android ???

(Liam ) #19

Just check my limits page and it says enhanced identity limits… I haven’t ever spent or used my monzo card for big purchases so bit surprised - compared to my partner who has just regular limits…

Can withdraw £400 a day, £2000 a month or £5000 a year… that’s great as far as I’m concerned.

To get it increased I would guess in app support would be the best route to go down!

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yes thats your best bet if you want to increase those ATM withdrawal limits for your partner , but I would think they are probably at maximum for Monzos card provider at the moment for you - not sure you can get better than "most trusted user " :slight_smile: