Declined transactions on statements

(Matt Law) #1


We are a AISP looking at the properties on the transactions

Could you clarify a point we are unclear on please.

Declined transactions.

With other banks you would normally have two transactions, the transaction and the reversal, Is this the same with Monzo but you add the additional decline reason property to the transaction or do you update the original transaction with a decline reason.

See below for basic example

Other Banks
|2|Returned insufficient funds|+£10.00|

|TrID|Desc|Amount|Decline Reason|
|2|Returned insufficient funds|+£10.00|Insufficient_funds|


|TrID|Desc|Amount|Decline Reason|

If you could let me know that would be great thanks.

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(Nicholas Robinson-Wall) #2

Hi Matt,

In your example of a declined mastercard transaction due to an insufficient balance or other reasons like a frozen card - there will be a single transaction with a decline reason flagging it as such.

It is also possible for an approved mastercard transaction to be reversed afterwards by the merchant, which would look more like your first example.

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

(Matt Law) #3

Thanks Nick
We will update our logic to handle these scenarios.