Decline showing as a sale and return

For some reason my :mondo: card was declined today and I was interested to see what reason the app would give as there was credit on the card. But instead of a decline I got a success sale and then an instant return from the same retailer.

Is this an expected behaviour for certain decline reasons?

As this sale never actually took place it could skew any budgeting or analysis figures so keen to understand what can be done with them in future (an example of authorisations that would generally never be seen on a traditional bank statement).

I’d contact support and have them look into your account. It might show what happened

I have had this a couple of times too. A decline that showed a successful transaction, and then a refund immediately afterwards - put the POS terminal only showed Declined.

I was going to contact support but I think it’s a more general beta issue than a specific account issue. It’s likely I get the same with my bank account though would never see it.

Personally I think it backs up my other post about being able to visually detect or filter out pending items that never actually debit.

Yeah, this is one of those annoying unique features of the beta as we learn lots more about running a card program! Definitely something we’re hoping to improve on in the future :slight_smile: It normally occurs where a message gets lost in transmission and so it gets auto-cancelled