Dark Mode

No, I haven’t either. You could be right about push notifications.

But then Monzo could just disable the ‘follow system default’ option and then it’s hard to argue it’s an OS feature. It would be no different from a manually selectable pink-mode or lime green-mode or rainbow unicorn-mode

Well, it would be super shitty if they did that.


It would, but nothing would surprise me anymore. But there’s no point in speculating, we’ll see when it’s out


as @hdwrng mentioned above. Monzo would likely get booted off the App Store for putting a paywall on a OS feature. If you get a second have a look in the deepdive thread as the dark mode code is there :smiley:

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Just seen that the NatWest app has been updated to now have a dark mode. Quite embarrassing that Monzo is so behind the times! :pensive:


This on RBS too?

Not for me on RBS it isn’t…

Monzo are working on it, they might push it out faster now :slight_smile:. Who knows.

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Any update?


I hope its going to drop in one of the next few updates

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We know that it has had some staff testing, so that is encouraging

It is worth, mainly as expectation management, remembering the experience with bill pots when the first version disappeared into staff testing, never to reappear, though the second version, eventually rewritten from scratch, was more than worth waiting for

So it might not be here for months still at longest

As this is mainly a presentational feature, rather than a new processing flow to finesse, I am hopeful that it will not hit such major snags in use


Just noticed the transaction map is back to ‘light mode’, so something is going on in the background.