Daily standing orders?

Is it possible to set up a daily standing order to leave a personal account account?

I recieve all of my income into my Monzo personal account, and all my regular bills leave directly from it, however I don’t use it to make day-to-day purchases. I’m looking to pay myself a daily allowance, into a seperate account. Is this possible?

Hey Rachel :wave:

Yes you can do a daily scheduled payment - I do it to one of my pots to save up for a trip currently but you can do it to another bank account.

Have you already paid this account? If so just go onto Payments > Find the Payee > Tick the “Scheduled Payment” and then choose “Daily”.

If you haven’t yet go to Payments > Schedule > and then enter all the details and choose “Daily”.

Hope this helps :+1:


Thank you! That’s excellent.

I just find that having immediate access to all my money at once leads to a monthly cycle where I overspend and make poor decisions at the beginning of the month, and end up living on nothing but 20p tins of beans at the end of the month.

I’ve tried a system where I log in each time I want money to transfer in to my second account, but still end up overspending.

Hopefully automating this process will help me achieve some financial stability!

Yeah I understand the feeling!

Once you get the hang of budgeting per day - Monzo do have a budgeting feature where it will record “where” in categories you are spending your money which is a good way of seeing where you could cut down. You can also put “budgets” on these categories so for instance only spending £100 on groceries for the month and Monzo will warn you when you are getting near to that!

Hope the budgeting goes well!

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