Work as a Standing Order?


I have a credit account with
I want to do an automatic transaction per month with them. they do have a Direct Debit facility, however through my account online it only lets me either pay off balance in full or pay the minimum monthly. I want to pay more than the minimum.

On my statement it has this;

Will I be able to set up a standing order through Monzo with this?


Can you even have an account number “00000000”
As shown on your statement ?

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All zeros for account numbers is valid - many banks use it for their credit card or loan repayment accounts.
So long as the reference is set correctly.

I’ve set one up for my credit card with an account number of all zeros & it’s fine.

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Thank you , you learn something new everyday!

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Very on their website confirm 00000000 is valid as an account number and is not a typo, just setup a scheduled payment to over pay every month or do it manually. Just make sure the reference is changed to match your account number so very can credit your account


Nice! Thanks everyone :blush:

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i do have a very account and i pay by SO with them same details with no prob, the money will be on your very account just before 4pm or just after that time on a working day

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So the simple answer is - yes you can
Monzo works the same as any other bank.
you can make one off or standing orders to the details provided
with you ref-acc number so they know witch account to credit.

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