Daily Allowance

I feel like a huge budgeting tool is being over looked. Namely daily budget / allowance. This could be set up many ways:

  1. At the top of the feed there are two running totals, the current left to spend for the month and a second left to spend today. This second figure is just the monthly divided by days until next payday.

  2. You set a daily limit, e.g. £25/day. Then on payday the app then locks the right amount (e.g. 31 days to payday X £25 = £775) in a locked pot and then loads your daily allowance each day. Benefit of this is you don’t see a monthly budget so you don’t think “oh I’ve got loads I can risk a blowout night out”.

  3. A combination of the two.

What does everyone think? I know lots of people who already do this in their heads.

I do it in my head. Your first option would be handy for me.


Yeah, I think this would be a great feature. It makes more sense than the way it’s currently done.

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As long as the ‘X divided by days’ is configurable for those of us paid weekly…

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This would be a great feature. I really like the idea of both options. It would allow you to budget far easier

Yup this is exactly how I budget my spending so would be a great addition to the app for me :slight_smile: