Custom committed spending


I spend £30 a week on a bus pass, it would be brilliant if I could add this as a custom committed spending item and ringfence the funds as you do for regular payments


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How do you pay for your bus pass, I’m guessing it is just a card payment to the same company around the same time for the same amount? If that’s the case then Monzo are trying to get these into committed spends by learning the patterns.

I have the same thing for my iCloud storage that comes out every month.


Thanks, that sounds like it would solve the issue. I’ll look forward to seeing the implementation and control we get as I’m not sure I need to ringfence money for a breakfast roll every Friday :slight_smile:

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Hi Johncat, I had the exact same question in my new thread I made. Would be interesting to see if Monzo can learn this spending pattern, and not your weekly Friday Breakfast Roll. I think we need to have control over “Committed Spending” so we can add or remove items as we see fit.

Also my “Committed Spending” was activated today too!