Commited spending affecting spending money

I’ve only just changed to Monzo as my full time bank so I have been setting all my budgets up. When money come out of a budget, say transport, it l comes out of my none commited spending. What I have had to do is put spending money in general and move every payment across manually. Any help would be awesome

If you want to ring fence money for unavoidable stuff like transport to work, the only way I know of is to use a pot.

What you can do though is use IFTTT to automatically transfer money out of the pot again when it sees a transaction from a specific merchant. I do this for when I fill up my car… Don’t want to find I need £60 for diesel the day before payday when the budget told me I could spend it!

This setup is still pretty fiddly though, because you still have to manually mark the transaction as not coming out of the spending money budget, and also the IFTTT trick doesn’t work if it’s a pay at pump that comes through as £1 and only gets settled later.