✅ Custom Category Creation

Custom categories would be great! The personal care category is good but it would be better if you could have a drop down assign things like dental, prescriptions, hair cuts etc

Would love to see the ability to add custom catergories, or just deep-dive catergories like others mentioned. By adding catergory precision, you could keep the plan to add cohort comparison analytics.

I would like a way of generating a PDF based on a custom category. It would make the submission of business expenses really easy for me!

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Yep. Me too.

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As folks said above you can use #tags for this purpose - although it has to be said they don’t do much at the moment. All you can do now is search transactions using the tag (which probably would have worked anyway if you just wrote “Gym” in the notes instead of “#gym”, right?).

I assume the intention is to put more analytics around the tags, e.g. how much spent, and maybe to have them sit alongside the standard Monzo categories within Summary. Then if you could have a toggle switch to say ‘always assign this retailer to this tag’ you would be close to having custom categories

I don’t know if this is the direction though, anyone know?

Seems a bit of a faff compared to adding custom categories. Now you have two different categorisation systems you need to maintain, and need to mix and match between them to try and bodge together some semblance of the functionality you actually need.

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Yeah the interplay between them would be messy, not to mention confusing for the user. I agree it seems kinda over the top

Great idea - would find this really useful.

Yet 5 months later and we still don’t have a simple charity category


In the meantime use #tags?

(I’m sympathetic as it’s tax return time and it’d be super helpful to have an easier way to identify all my charitable giving for the last financial year)

I know I can but we shouldn’t have to. This has been a requested category for a while now.


Could someone from the Monzo team please provide some insights as to why this category is still missing?


Custom Categories would be great, as many have said before me, I am loosely categorising stuff because I can’t be more specific due to lack of categories.

Example: I categorise Bank Transfers as ‘Expenses’ because I don’t have a bank transfer category.

I could achieve this with tags, HOWEVER, it won’t work for me if I have to manually tag them. A very simple machine learning could take care of this and auto tag.

Another example is FUEL. It goes to the ‘Transport’ category, but my transport category also contains TFL charges and Uber, so the only way I can know how much I spent on fuel this month is by manually tagging it.

It would be ideal if I could create a ‘Car’ category, and in there I would add all car related costs such as Tax and Insurance (which currently goes to Bills), MOT, fuel, maintenance, etc. This way I can know exactly how much am I spending on my car. Then as soon as I manually move my insurance bill to the ‘Car’ category, the machine learning will take note of that and automatically categorise my next insurance bill as a ‘Car’ expense.

This would be seriously cool. And I know at least 3 or 4 friends whom I could definitely convince to come to Monzo by showing them that feature.


Yeah, I’ve given up on categories as they’re currently useless for me.


+1 I also want to categorise my house related spending, not just mortgage but also home improvements = diy/building materials & costs, new appliances / repairs, etc

I would like to see an ‘Essentials’ category! For those things like new clothes for work that don’t quite fit into shopping…
Although general works pretty well

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You might want to remove your email from your name


I think a category for ‘Pet Care’ would be good, things like pet food, vet bills, grooming etc could be logged under it? :dog::cat:

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I asked for a “Pet” category and Hugo suggested that it could go under family instead, which sort of works and so of doesn’t

I would love it if Monzo could implement a total budgeting solution into their app; not dissimilar to YNAB. (or, envelope budgeting).

Categories are great.
Sub categories are better.
Completely customisable categories are best (for me).

And add on to that an ability to say “I have £100 ready to spend on Groceries this month” would be super powerful.

Rather than tracking what I have spent, or what I intend to spend, that would be the best form of budgeting for me.