Custom Category Creation

(Alex Sherwood) #190

I keep a note in a separate app on my phone of what the emoji ‘tags’ mean.

It’s definitely not the perfect solution though.


(Jasmine) #191

One could put hashtags in the notes. So under the category groceries you can put #household or #food to specify what the transaction is about. One could also be able to search individual hashtags to see how much you spent on that exact sub category? :thinking:


(JB) #192

Like the idea,

I think they should allow us to change the name of the categories as well.

So we can edit them


(JB) #193


I like the idea of putting each transaction into a cateogry (be it shopping, transport etc).

However, i would personally like to change the names of my categories (example change Holidays to say Sports etc).

But i would like to have te choice of the name of the cateogies i put my money into?

Thank you

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(Luke Smith) #194

Totally agree. Any news if this is in process?

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(Marta) #195

@LAWSMITH We definitely have to wait until CA is more rolled out to the masses, but we got a little bit of new categories shown in this sneak preview, it’s sneaky, but you can see subcategories in there (and new names!):


(Boubee) #196

Hi I am probably the only Monzo user who drinks more champagne than tea… Drinks would be such a useful category :champagne:
It’s already so great to be able to split things so easily and trace and find so :pray:t2:Big thank you
Thanks Richard

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(Alex Sherwood) #197

That’s probably a little bit too specific (drinks would usually fall under Entertainment) but there is another solution on the way, that’ll make tracking drinks even easier than adding an emoji to the transactions notes :eyes:

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(Boubee) #198

Sadly drinks fall into my everyday shopping :flushed: Or eating :clinking_glasses:
It would help to see that silly amount of :cocktail::tropical_drink::clinking_glasses::beer::wine_glass::cocktail::beer::cocktail::tropical_drink:piling up on one line - and yes I could probably buy a new car :red_car: if I would manage that line better :joy:

A pet line might help as well :rooster::tropical_fish::dog::rabbit::pig::duck:!! With the risk to have them falling into the eating out category :flushed::flushed:

Well done it’s working all great so far all the other bits are fine tuning great service so far thanks :pray:t2:

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(Magda Bulska) #199

I’d love to see the following:
Coffees/Breakfast/Lunch - not sure how to call this one but it’s about all those ‘small’ expenses at Pret on weekdays and similar… For me that’s quite different than ‘Eating out’ which is more with friends / in the evening / weekends
Fitness / sport
Charity giving
Courses / personal development
And an option of a few blanks that can be renamed depending on individual needs

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(Stuart) #200

Would love if this was an option to further refine my spending tracking. And once an item is reassigned to your custom category it automatically goes there on future transactions


(Alex Sherwood) #201

I kind of would too but I think it’s going to be better in the long run if we don’t create our own categories, for the reasons Hugo’s explained here.

However there is some new functionality that’s on the way that’ll help us track our spending at more detail than the categories so keep any eye out for that.

Just to mention, this is actually already a thing. Monzo remembers the last category that you assigned to a merchant’s transaction & applies the same category each time you purchase with them going forwards :boom:

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(Stuart) #202

Thanks very much Alexs

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(Becci) #203

I definitely agree with the points but I think that the general allocation should stay how it is - but then just have the optiOn to add in the additional categories. That way it caters for people that want an easy life but also has the option to split a shop into categories or make your own categories too. I think you should do it I would love this feature!




I’m very new to monzo and do far think it’s fab. I would also like to be able to add categories or have a wider selection including gym/ health etc.



(Kyle) #205

I think it would be great if we was able to add our own target catagories , I use my monzo card to buy supplies for my woodworking which comes under the category ’ shopping ’ which is correct and great but I also want to use the shopping catagory for maybe household items or personal gifts

Apart from that the app is great and I use it more then my bank


(Marta) #206

Hi Kyle :wave: and welcome! :slight_smile:
I moved your post here, where many opinions were already exchanged. We also had some feedback from Hugo in this post, it might be worth reading as it outlines potential future development goals for this functionality:

And, if you have any suggestions from your end, feel free to share it with us! :smiley:



I’d really like to be able to distinguish in ‘eating out’ if I’m buying lunch or dinner. This helps me see where my eating out budget is for the month - when do I need to take a packed lunch to work etc. Surely the app could split this into 2 categories based on time of day? I’d really really like to be able to create my own categories. Another catergory for me would be vaping, which currently just doesn’t suit any of the existing ones. Thanks :slight_smile:


(Rob) #208

Tobacco: Now a foodstuff…

Only in America…where pizza is found in the vegetable aisle.


(Colin Robinson) #209

Use two different emoji in the notes section for now?