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My daughters tenth birthday is coming up and it’s already cost me over £200 just for a party and present, I’m sure there will be more cost before the big day! This got me thinking, it would be great if Mondo could personalise my spend categories based on things going on in my life. Perhaps a link to my calendar or known events that I choose to share with Mondo, then I could really understand how much key events cost me (and educate my wife in the process!).

We have some work going on in the house at the moment so that could be a category, I smoke and need to give up, a cigarettes category to really bring home the cost of it would motivate me I’m sure… Possibilities are endless :grinning:

Think Ahead With Custom Categories
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(lee) #2

Yeah or like one for holidays, not just for the holiday but if you buy currency, or a suitcase or airport parking. They might be from multiple retailers but alone grouped.

Unless you are able to group them into something meaningful I don’t think there’s a big benefit to it. Otherwise if you cant it’s just a statement which groups things based on where you spend rather then why and what for - which is the bit thats really important.


Yes, please, please this. So much easier to really categorise your spending with custom categories. I find those standard categories so annoying in all banking apps, and Mondo is better than that.

One of the first things I bought on receiving my card was a present for someone else. Wasn’t a category for that.

From someone who knows nothing about these things, it’s surely fairly easy to implement? And it would make this and other Mondonauts very happy.


I’m not even that concerned about the life event thing - just the ability to create custom categories would be enough.

(Tom Chambers) #5

Yes this would be really nice to be able to group purchases so I can identify a particularly high spending week as a holiday or moving house.

It would also be useful if it could learn what expenses go in what user created categories. I.e. google inbox sorting emails into promos and updates. The evernote chrome extension does a good job of categorising.

(Alan) #6

In my opinion, customised categories are essential to keep tabs on how your money is spent. I would love the ability to create at least 20 of these (ideally up to 50) for my Mondo account.

And, perhaps this is a little to much to ask, to be able to import expenditure into those categories from elsewhere (and have a note facility to state where this took place e.g. cash, direct debit on my Lloyds Bank account).

It’s difficult to keep tabs on expenditure otherwise e.g. for my dog there is health insurance (DD), treats (cash), grooming (cash or cheque), food (Amazon online), vet bills (debit or credit card). I would love to know what he costs!


You could add to this feature as well, create a category, set a budget and get notifications when you are nearing your limit. Would certainly help to keep my diy project under control at the moment.

(Vittorio) #8

I have literally just suggested the same thing before reading this. Great minds!! Haha

(M) #9

Yes. Custom categories are just perfect idea. All it needs is two choices saying “NEW” on the app and a pop up to let me type it in, and “Others” with ones we’ve already typed in.


(Zander) #10

There’s lots of really cool points in here — thanks everyone! Categories are something that we’ll be tackling in the near future (what goes in what, where goes were, new categories etc). Right now occasionally transactions end up in the wrong place or your data will seem mismatched, as our current setup maybe too general. Eg grabbing a coffee comes under Eating Out, but I think it’s fair to say most consider ‘eating out’ to be lunch or dinner? There’s lots to consider, and it’s an interesting task :slight_smile:

So the two things here are ‘Events’, where I assume you’d like to see select transactions from a certain time period be grouped (correct me if I’m wrong). Second would be just being able to be create any custom category and naturally Events would be able to fall into this. We’ve definitely thought about both before, it’s really cool to see all your thoughts here.

Question for all about custom categories, would you like to have them as entirely separate categories from the default Mondo provides, or rather have them added on top?

Use transaction time to split eating out into breakfast, lunch and dinner
(Alan) #11

Added on top removes any conflict or one set being subordinate to another. Less complicated too. Presumably they are alpha listed - would also be interesting to have them listed/sorted in order of value.


For me as a user custom categories are more important than life events in the short term, but I think there could be longer term benefits to events as well. In a world where mondo know about a key life event coming up for me they may be able to recommend certain retailers where there are offers on either through a tie up with mondo or simply by tapping into something like voucher cloud. You could also remind me three months or so in advance - ‘you have event xxx coming up soon, why not start saving now’ that kind of thing.

(Zander) #13

Yeah, that’d be awesome. We have some cool stuff with budgeting coming up that ties into this in some ways.

(Daniel John) #14

Until any of these ideas are implemented, you can manually add a unique note to group transactions together in a search. I’ve been adding “refund” to a couple of purchases im awaiting refunds to process so I can make sure they go through.


I would love custom categories too. But I would go further and ask that it is possible to allow assignment to multiple categories, even if one is the ‘primary’ used on display. This does effect how search and category spending summaries work.

GMail tags work a bit like this.


I would love this to be applied in the Mondo app. I would really like to create a section for the money I spend in work lunches!

(Grant MacGregor) #17

Custom categories would be a great idea.

If you also received a split payment, it might be nice to ‘deduct’ the received amount off the amount you spent?