Custom Categories - 15 & New Category Requests

(wjj0288) #1

Some categories such as health do not exist currently, so maybe in future Monzo can add them, or customers can change

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(Rika Raybould) #2

Custom categories is a very common request here and is something that I’m sure will be revisited at some point.

I’d recommend reading this thread and searching around the community site for some good insight from the team as to what they’re thinking of doing.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Following on from Richard’s comment, the categories are due to be reviewed any minute now & I expect more will be added so if there are other categories that you need, along with Health, now’s the time to mention them :slight_smile:

All of the discussion about custom categories so far has a title Custom Categories x so just search for that phrase & you’ll find them :spy:

(Marius Pui) #4

Hi, Some categories I would love to see:

  1. house expenses
  2. clothes ( would like to have this as separate from shopping)
  3. medical
  4. gifts
  5. own car and public transport (would like to keep these two categories separate)

(Ed white) #5


For me rent would be a really useful category, wonder if anyone else would find this helpful? :slight_smile:


Not Rent but Housing Costs, i.e. Mortgage and/or Rent as people may pay one or the other or both.

(Naji Esiri) #7

This will be useful once we launch current accounts and people can start getting paid directly into their Monzo accounts. We’ll probably take another look at categories at that stage. :+1:

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(Alex Windett) #8

Would be really good to have ability to add custom categories. I use my bike for getting around and would like to add anything I buy for it into its own categories - at the moment anything that I buy from a cycle shop goes under “transport” along with TFL and rail tickets

(Zander) #9

Our hope is that rent and mortgage will fit nicely under Bills, as @Naji says this will become relevant once we have current accounts out!

cc @alex_windett

(Alex Sherwood) #10

Under Bills so sort of like a subcategory? :eyes:

( surohpotsirhC) #11

Don’t even open that can of worms!

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Ha! In my opinion, subcategories are the only viable solution that I’ve seen suggested so it would be interesting to hear Monzo’s thoughts on this :pray:

( surohpotsirhC) #13

I’m with you on that. Keep the categories/add a couple more, then allow people to go hog wild with sub categories. It’s a win win for both sides.

(Jennifer Taylor) #14

More categories please!
House maintainance

(Dean C) #15

I would like to see the following additional categories




Perhaps Insurance could be Insurance/Assurance as I would lump Life Assurance in with Life Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Ins etc…

(Will Thomas ) #17

Distinguishing drinking (at a bar/pub/club) as a separate category from entertainment which feels more related to spending money on fun events. Very useful for me but I bet a lot of people would like some insight into how much money they spend on alcohol each month

(Ed Watson) #18

Please please enable custom categories (or sub categories). Love the new card, but easy categorisation of monthly spend was the primary reason for getting a monzo card

(Mark Dunne) #19

It would be good if there was a health and beauty category so that think like hair cuts, grooming products can be logged :grin:

(Alex Sherwood) #20

It’s on it’s way :tada: there’s a new category called ‘Personal Care’ which is shown is one of the screenshots from Hugo’s preview of changes to the Spending tab for the current accounts -