Custom app icons on iOS

(Andre Borie) #62

Could we get the white-background one we had on the Current Account preview?

(Alex Penfold) #63

Some folk like to have colour coordinated and aesthetically pleasing app layouts to look at. Being able to change the icon means you can achieve that.

(I hide transport apps from Arriva, First & stagecoach away in folders because of their ugliness, despite using them frequently.)

A few more options in the not to distant future would be nice. Hot coral would fit nicely on one of my app rows :wink:

(Andrew Clark) #64

Just an idea but the icon could be “frozen” style while waiting for a new card.

(Bruce) #65

Your desktop management just blew my mind

(Harry) #66

All of those red icons scare me…

(Dan) #67

Am I the only one who keeps trying to select the white M logo at the top! I want that one! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Excited about Christmas) #68

So am I right in saying there isn’t a hot coral one?

(Jonathon) #69

You are correct.

(Charlie Kelly) #70

Hope this is possible on Android. Haven’t seen anyone else do it before.

(Excited about Christmas) #71

Surely that would be the obvious one to offer?

(Jonathon) #72

One man’s obvious is another man’s… not obvious?

Maybe it’s not possible? No idea TBH.

(Charlie Kelly) #73

Big fan of Astro by the way. Can only use it for my work Email right now but waiting for them to roll out Non-365 Outlook support :innocent:

(Matthew Wolffsohn) #74

Hopefully the Android app team can ask around to figure out how other apps have done it. I’m aware that it’s not a particularly elegant process to implement however.

(Dan Youster) #75

From what I can see, my app is up-to-date and I’m able to choose from the default icon or the Alpha one. No sign of the Pride one for me…

(Steve) #76

It looks good but don’t have any options and the app updated last night

(Is Santa here yet?) #77

If you’re on iOS it’s in account > settings down at the very bottom. Not out for android yet

If it’s not there try logging out and back in again

(Dan) #78

I hate the beta icon. It’s like yeuck with a zombie smell attached. Is that how you see us beta helpers Monzo? :thinking:

(Bruce) #79

So any other major apps with custom icon options ?

Gold Spotify FTW

Let’s get rid of the mass green and blue


Apollo for Reddit does :grin:

(Colin Robinson) #81