Custom app icons on iOS


I really like the look of Astro but need imap support to use it.

(Charlie Kelly) #83

Absolutely. Can’t really believe they launched it without.


Carrot weather

(Charlotte Bailey) #85

Hi, any update on Pride app icon for Android? thanks :slight_smile: :monzopride:

(Nick Sparks) #86

Lets get one for people who pledged to invest but never got picked!


any chance of a coral coloured icon to match the card / stand out on my home screen? All my finance apps seem to be navy blue :frowning_face:

(RC) #88

I’d also really like to see a hot coral icon to match the card too!

Credit where it’s due, it’s great that the ability to choose the app icon has been implemented - but I’ve only got the option of the default icon, or pride, which isn’t much of a choice!

Are there any plans to increase the selection?


It’s little things like this which are convincing me more every day to switch full time.

However, I’d like to see at least a few more options. Being a relatively new member, I only have the default and Pride options.

Can we see a few more?