Custom app icons on iOS

(Alex Brooks) #42

Ah! My eyes!

(Alexandru Tuta) #43

love the idea… Happy having a choice

(Justin) #44

I really like the fact that this new capability has been offered.

Is there any chance in future you could turn it into a smart icon, so perhaps it would be green when my spending is on track, amber when it looks like I’m going to struggle to make it to the end of the month, and red when there’s something wrong - e.g. my card has been frozen, or a Direct Debit has bounced?

(Rob) #45

And what is the point of this? :thinking:

(Andy) #46

It was conceived out of :monzo: time where staff get to spend some time working on non roadmap work. It’s a pretty simple thing using iOS features that likely didn’t take too much time but gives a bit of customer enjoyment and a positive customer experience as it allows the customer to personalise a part of the app and increases engagement


Who do I bug to get this on Android!?

(Justin) #48

Sometimes you have to play with technology for a bit, ahead of understanding how you can use it to solve problems. I feel this is one such example

(Jonathon) #49

Why does it need to have a point? So many things that just look nice have no point.

Just… smile. If you don’t want one then don’t change it, simples!

(Stuart Tarn) #50

That makes my palms sweaty :crazy_face:

(Simon B) #51

Knees weak, arms are heavy?

(🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️) #52

(Stuart Tarn) #53

Had to google the reference :rofl: I’m definitely a notification free homescreen kinda guy!

(Keri) #54

I only have choice of two…

(Jonathon) #55

You won’t have all. If you joined later on (after beta testing) then you’ll have two most likely.

(Simmy) #56

Rainbow one is cool :+1:

(Daniel White) #57

Am I the only one who can’t choose the Pride icon?

(Keri) #58

That was the problem I was having. But I checked in app store and had an updated to do. Got it now :+1:t2:

(Martin) #59

A nice little welsh flag one would be awesome. Green and white background and red Monzo logo.

For the Welsh office, honest :eyes:

(Jorge) #60

You’ve convinced me to apply :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jamie Morris) #61

The old Flamingo Twitter app for Android used to have several icon options. Unfortunately it hit the Twitter limits and is no longer available for new users but it’s maybe worth looking into for your Android guys. Proves it’s possible if nothing else.