Custom app icons on iOS

(Jonathon) #21

I have honestly always thought Monzonaut refers to anyone using Monzo… like a fan of Monzo. That’s sad that it only refers to staff :frowning:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #22

We used to be called Monzonauts but Monzo stole the name for themselves :eyes:

(Simon B) #23

:muscle: :muscle::muscle:

(Jack) #24

I think it would be cool to keep the hot coral icon for the hot coral crew and had something else for Alpha. Maybe something like the making Monzo twitter logo.

I’ve gone with the Beta one :smiley:

(Is Santa here yet?) #25

I don’t want a hot coral icon…

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #26

Another notification collector, I see. That would drive me bonkers :crazy_face::crazy_face:

(Gav) #27

That’s referenced in the link from the first post - they’re looking at it, but it’s not as simple.

(Nicolo) #28

How did you join the Beta?

(Simon B) #29

It might do more so if it were my primary device.

Home screen on my Pixel 2 XL is much cleaner :slight_smile:

(Jack) #30

I think it was from when the card was in it’s prepaid stage.

(Jack) #32

:scream: You traitor


(James) #33

So I know all of the app icons have to be stored in the app, does this mean that the Pride logo will only be in for a couple of releases before being removed? Or does it just mean the binary is going to get incrementally bigger for each different variation that gets added? (Assuming there is a plan to add more down the line?)

Really cool feature, nice to see a bit of variety in cool/fun/slight gimmicks vs full on banking!

(Is Santa here yet?) #34

Red one with a Santa hat for Christmas?

(Jonathon) #35

That sort of looks like it’s an app that’s downloading from the app store.

(James) #36

England Red & White one when we win the world cup?

IT’S COMING HOME (sorry) :joy:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #37


(Lancelot Payne) #38

LOL you had to go there didn’t you :joy::joy:

(James) #39

There’s no escape I’m afraid, just when you thought there were - at a bank - BOOM (Kane nuts one in the top left corner)

(Lancelot Payne) #40

HAHA this is true we can let him claim that one :stuck_out_tongue:

(Chris Hannah) #41

I think a nostalgic “Mondo” icon would be good!