Curve all in one card

(P Burrows) #1

does anyone know if curve can be used for non POS transactions for example if i used it to withdraw cash from my current account will it show on my current acc as a POS due to how its processed or would it show as an atm transaction. if anyone also has any experience using this card both bad and good could you share as i am curious about it and cant really find much on here regarding it. thanks! :grin:


Only used it in ePOS not ATMs so not sure if it works in those. If you do an ePOS transaction it works fine but instead of the transaction showing merchants logo and merchant name it shows Curve logo and the merchant name is prefixed with Curve. It works OK in UK and abroad. If you use it a lot in Halfords etc you earn points which you can then spend from the card.

Look around for discount codes. I have seen some in the past for £10 but currently their offer seems to be £5 opening credit. Sign up with code 5KDHQ & get £5 opening bonus

Let us know if you find any higher value codes.

(Mike) #3

ATM withdrawals show up as POS transactions with CURVE followed by a location/name of ATM.
It is up to your credit/debit provider as to whether they then mark it as e-money/funds withdrawal or not.

Is that a referral code or a generic offer they’re running? I see my referral bonus has dropped to £5 each… didn’t notice it’d been reduced.


Previous codes I saw were for higher amounts. But any code I have found recently is only for a fiver (I am sure they used to have a different deal depending if you got their black card or not, and if you did they used to give a free leather wallet but that promotion code seems to have expired so no more free wallets)

(ben) #5

Hey Mike. What difference would it make if a credit card provider marked any transaction as e-money? Would it then count as a cash advance? Thanks!

(Mike) #6

Nope, it wouldn’t count as a cash advance - you just may not be eligible for some of the rewards e.g. cashback etc… however I haven’t seen any recently that distinguish between purchases and withdrawals made with curve; I don’t think it’s common practice either.


Have to say my curve sits unused in a drawer…

  • It failed too often for me so I had to carry the other cards as a backup
  • The removal of Amex was done messily and Amex was my main reason for getting the card
  • I can do way better on forex with Monzo