Current Bank and its "pods"

a few months ago, one of my friends told me about a life-changing new feature their bank released called “pods”, and i had to do a double take. :joy:

turns out it’s just pots straight up ripped from monzo, but rotated 90 degrees. for the curious, the bank in question is Current in the US:

i also think i found the least compelling premium account ever.

i can’t imagine paying $5/mo for just a fancy card, ACH deposits a couple hours early, and as a rare american who can’t drive, squints gas holds instantly refunded. (tho the last feature could come in handy for most people)

I like the card but it appears to be compulsory to wiggle it like an idiot constantly


Am I the only one that thought tide pods or juul pods

Guess I spend too much time on the internet