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I’m in the UK and at the planning stages for a trip abroad :airplane: , and spending a lot of time trawling through websites and comparing prices in quite a few different currencies. On websites such as, prices are given in GBP. However, to compare quotes on less international websites, I’m forever looking up exchange rates for HKD , CNY, INR, EUR, NPR, etc - to help me make decisions before I buy.

Monzo offers the best exchange rates :thumbsup:, which are notified to customers when they arrive in a foreign country. However, sometimes it would be useful to be able to look up approximate exchange rates before leaving the UK. This would also be a fantastic way for :mondo: to allow its customers to compare rates to the extortionate ones offered at the airport by Travellex, which would reenforce the benefit of using :monzo:.

Any thoughts?

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