Currency Convertor

Hi i would like to see a currency converter in the native app similar to revolut where you can change pounds to euros as such so you know your actual balance when you’re abroad.

Not a popular request.

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They’re some currency conversion apps that are decent enough.

Adding this to the app will be complex due to the rates constantly changing along with the fact it’s never really been in demand.

If you’re on IOS I recommend xCurrency for converting X amount to X amount as it instantly tells you what it’ll be in the other currency.

If you’re looking for something different they’re a few apps that can tell you the cost in £GBP just by pointing the camera at it ( along pointing the camera at everything that has a price might look strange to others )

An unrelated question is, i’ve never used my card abroad always had cash when it comes to paying card should i pay in the local currency or pounds ?

Always pay in the local currency.

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It doesn’t beat Siri for speed. No need to have or open an app.

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Don’t you need a internet connection such as wifi/3G/4G/5G for Siri to work? Being abroad can sometimes cut off connectivity if the area has bad signal or your network don’t operate there.

You do. But don’t you also need one for xCurrency?

I never thought about that!

Edit: after testing, most apps that tell you the currency conversion works without any Although I imagine it’s not updated and just from the last time you was on it.

Edit2: Siri also works the same.