Monzo currency converter in app

Be able to enter in an amount abroad to tell you how much it would cost via Monzo in the app. I’m currently abroad and I’m using my Monzo but I would love to be able to know how much I’m going to spend on my Monzo in advance without having to download external apps and/or use my own calculator to figure it out from the exchange Monzo has given me. Super lazy but would be such a cool feature! It would really help with budgeting whilst travelling and could be a Monzo+ feature? I’m already Monzo+ but would be a great add on!

If you search “exchange” in the help articles you get:

This is the Mastercard exchange rate and is the most reflective of the exchange rate you’ll actually get.

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It’d be nice, though, if Monzo knew you were abroad and gave you one of those carousel notification things that you can tap on to enter local prices directly into the app to show an estimated GBP figure.

(This, though, is exceptionally unlikely to happen :pensive:).


I’d worry about expectations with a feature like this.

Even if it was a feature clearly flagged as “We’re just showing you the Mastercard exchange rate as it is right now, and it may go up or down before you transaction completes”, there would almost certainly be many angry “Monzo overcharged me!” customers who will simply refuse to understand that the rate isn’t fixed until the transaction settles.


This is reason #231 why we can’t have nice things.