Curious film accents

Just watching The Great Wall. Not a great film. Don’t judge me. But caused me to wonder what’s the worst accent attempted in a film.

Matt Damon’s Irish / unknown accent in the above?
Russell Crowe in Robin Hood?
Multiple awful fake cockney?

The legendary one is Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, isn’t it?



(And more characters to reach 20)

Mr Connery’s russian in ‘The Hunt for Red October’?


Some of the accents in The Expanse on Netflix. They are like British/South African/swedish/something else,

I think it’s an intentionally engineered accent

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Can’t believe nobody has mentioned Ray Winstone’s attempt at a Boston/Cockney accent in The Departed!:see_no_evil::joy:

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Yes, I always though the idea was to give the belters their own accent(s). Which is quite believable - I felt like that show was much more realistic in terms of portraying a possible future given where we are today.

Not sure what the deal with the Aussie Martian was though.

This may make no sense to most however “Hello to Jason Isaacs”.

Tom cruise in Far and Away was one of the worst Irish accents ever :grinning:

But luckily for him, Don Cheadle’s attempt at Cockney in Ocean’s 11, bordered on the criminal (so to speak).

Worst accent I’ve ever seen in film would be when I watched Pitch Perfect 3 last week and had to endure John Lithgow’s attempt at an Australian accent. Painful doesn’t even begin to describe it.


The one I remember most recently finding very strange was Abbie Cornish’s Southern US accent in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Brad Pitt’s Irish accent in The Devil’s Own