Crypto currency wallets

Can my monzo account be used to fund my crypto currency wallet? And can it do it in euros?

You used to be able to go Monzo <=> Revolut <=> Coinbase but I think there are issues with Coinbase => Revolut now

Oh ok I am using cryptopay as coinbase charge to much in fees

What are their rates like? If you put money into Coinbase through SEPA you don’t pay a fee for it unlike a card payment which costs you 5%

See this is the part that’s weird with coinbase - I use credit card, and it’s not 5%, more like 4% to buy Bitcoin directly from GBP

If you do SEPA transfer, it’s free to put money in the EUR account, but then you’re still charged a % which works out roughly the same, so I just use card to cut out the hassle.

But then I’ve had friends who get charged a lot more for using cards…so I have no idea, their system is really weird as well.

my bank charges me to receive euros into my account …
does anyone know if revolut do ?
or if they charge £20 for a international transfer like my current bank account

How do get sepa I thought that was just for mainland Europe

Cryptopay is only 1% I think in and out

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