Crowdfunding (Upcoming 2018/19 Round) - Updates


No idea at this stage

if am honest I don’t even know if you need a Crowdcube Account, who knows how they are going to do it?

But you’re probably safe having set up the account as this has been the way for every retail round.


Can I ask that Crowdcube is not used now? I use to like them but they have just added a fee for investors who invest now and it does not seem fair.
I like what brew dog did where you could invest directly with them, then they listed on crowdcube.


Yes. Monzo will build a bespoke crowdfunding mechanism and team for the thousands of <£100 investments that will be made because people don’t don’t to pay £1.50 on every £100 invested. But more importantly, people just don’t like Crowdcube now because it isn’t providing a potentially lucrative service for its users free of charge.


Some scattered thoughts on the change:

  • For most people the fee in itself isn’t the issue, it’s the way they’ve gone about it.

  • Crowdcube’s CEO buried the fee change in the FAQ a week before and expected all members to check the FAQ to be notified.

  • They’re only charging “the crowd” the 1.5% fee in their new round.

  • Imagine if a Bank decided hey we will charge you a transaction fee but it’s okay you’ll find out at the point of a transaction, and we buried it in the new FAQ a few days ago. You’d wonder if they’ve lost it, right? You’d also be irritated when you discover this at point of sale.

I think it’s a run on investors for a major upcoming pitch, I hope that company cancels…


Cheers Tam

(Tristan Thomas) #294

Investors will not be charged a fee to invest in the next Monzo crowdfunding round, don’t worry.

Interesting idea!

(Tom ) #295

@DaveTMG #conjecture

Glad that one is sorted!

(Valeri) #296

Publicly traded shares + FreeTrade integration could do it :smile:




I think last years crowdfund raise was around the 21st November so could be this week that the crowdfunding round is announced


Hi guys, any news about the upcoming crowdfunding round?:face_with_monocle:

(Is Santa here yet?) #300

Next 2 days

(Not confirmed but it’s a strong suspicion)

(Ben Talbot) #301

I’m soooo excited! Was too young to invest last time, but this time my GF and I are going to put our names in the hat :smiley:

(Is Santa here yet?) #302

Too close to Christmas, I’m skint :woman_shrugging:

Have to wait for the IPO


I am looking forward to be a Monzo shareholder, I can’t wait!!!


£20m required / 1.2m users = £16.66 available per user.

I’m skint too but I will be downgrading my least favourite friends and family from bad presents to lumps of coal. If not many people take it up and the max goes up to £100 or so then I’ll think of other ways to beg/borrow/steal :cowboy_hat_face:


What makes you think Monzo will do it this way?


Well called out - I don’t know this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do know that the team have a lot of regret about the previous rounds where most people missed out and they want to do right.

However it came across in the media and however they may choose to look back at it, I believe that both open rounds were botched and thousands of people lost out because Monzo didn’t plan or execute it well. I don’t really blame them - they had a small team and loads of things to deal with - crowdfunding was an afterthought outsourced to Crowdcube.

That would all sound like sour grapes if I’d missed out but actually I invested in every round so clearly it’s not. I know a lot of people who were equally eager but missed out every time.

I’ve been poking Tom at every opportunity (on here) over the last 2 years to do a round for everyone and the last I heard about a year ago was that it’s something they’d love to do but the Crowdcube fundraise and ongoing nominee costs of having hundreds of thousands of investors would be too great. However, Tristan recently revealed that there will be no investment fee and unless Crowdcube are even worse at business than most people believe, that suggests Monzo are taking this in house to make it ultra low cost, which suggests they are going for huge scale.

I really hope everyone gets the opportunity this time, but yeah TL:DR I don’t know for sure. We’ll find out soon! :grinning:


Fair play, thanks!

(Kyle Risi) #308

Can someone explain what the process will be, how will we place our name in this hat?