Crowdfunding in numbers 🚀

Here’s a lil data debrief after yesterday’s crowdfunding round!


:raised_hands:t3: Exciting times ahead!

Really nice to see all those small investors :blush:

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Congrats again Monzo!

That huge spike on the graph has to be one of the most satisfying things I have seen today, congratulations! :slight_smile:

I particularly loved the low barrier to entry of buying 1 share. How inclusive is that.


Monzo HQ are really excited, two very similar blog post (- the graphs in latest) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great to see some analysis, and am particularly pleased to see the distribution chart after having asked about it yesterday (lopsided inverse bell curve with a bump in the middle, would appear to be the best description). What’s most interesting to me is how many customers put in under £100, that bar is much taller than I expected.

Finally, it’s a small point and awfully picky of me, but could the ‘Amount invested’ labels be looked at and amended accurately? At the moment they’re overlapping: 0-100 followed by 100-200, etc. Where do people who put in £100 (etc) go? I imagine it should be 0-100, 101-200, and so on…


Thanks for setting the graph up

If people want to see that spike zoomed in:


Where’s the rest of the graph?! :wink:

It was nothing short of magnificent seeing that graph max at out £20 mil so quickly yesterday :tada:

Massive congrats to everybody involved :grin: And to the mainframes which didn’t catch fire whilst receiving our dough :joy:


Excellent, proud to be a small part of this.


Nice to see that graph showing most people invested under £100, I was feeling a bit ashamed at the £555 average investment when mine was a tiny fraction of that :see_no_evil:

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Monzo has mainframes?! :scream:

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I certainly hope not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t imagine they’d be able to do anything useful for Monzo :yum:

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Interesting data. I agree that it is amazing to see so many small investors. That is what Monzo is about for me.

Luckily I was able to jump on at 10:00 exactly. My boss thought I was sending a work related message! Smoke and mirrors! All smoke and mirrors! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:

We actually rounded slightly to make it easier to read. For example, if you bought 65 shares for £501.44, we included that in the £400–500 bracket :upside_down_face: (We didn’t round more than a share’s worth, though!)


Ahh, thanks for the clarification, that makes it so much clearer. Usually I’d ask why then the graph isn’t labelled by number of shares, but I know the answer would be “because it makes the values invested more opaque”.

Similarly, I can see now how if you went with accurate £ labels people may well ask “Why the (apparently) arbitratry boundary amounts?” So probably best if I set down my lone pedant niggle now. :sweat_smile:

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Being one of those small investors myself, this is exactly what I thought too :grin:

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Super excited to be on board! 3 shares to get started - and a new Investor card arrived in the post today too! :raised_hands:

Excellent. Proud to be part of this. :slight_smile: