Crowdfunding in numbers 🚀

(Richard McIntyre) #21

Seems there was a spike where people had a budget of £1,000 to invest.

(Luke Forsythe ( #22

Where was the reminder guys!? I went to the page, got excited, moved the money around in preparation - and took your word for it that I’d be informed through the app! I’ve missed the boat again. I’ve gone from love to love-hate just over these “opportunities” to invest. So infuriating!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #23

Forums, email, news outlets, blog posts and even in app (if you opened it) .

Everyone (yourself included it seems) saw one of these advertisements and knew the date and time that the investment round opened :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #24

In a big banner at the bottom of the feed on the front page of the app.