Credit Card inside Monzo 👀

My barclaycard is coming to the end of its 0% period so i could potentially move over to an amex now.

Could someone who has a little more knowledge on amex’s break down which one is the best value and in which cases? :thinking:

As usual, moneysavingexpert have some info on the cards (as well as others)

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It depends what you’re looking to get from your credit/charge card. Amex is all about benefits in my opinion. I took out a charge card because of the membership points and a credit card because of the cash back rewards.

Funnily enough, the Amex website is down (for me anyway), so I can’t do an up to date comparison.

  • Just managed to load it on my phone, and I can’t even find an option for the Gold Charge card anymore - It’s only the Gold Credit card.

Historically, charge cards have been the best “rewards” cards in the UK.

Up until a few years ago, you couldn’t even get the Gold Credit card - It was only a Gold Charge card.

I’d had my Gold account for about 5 years, and then I was offered a “complimentary” credit card to go with it - Something that wasn’t available online, and carried no annual fee (charge card was £140 per year I think).

However, the credit card didn’t have as many perks back then - But you still accrued your points for every pound you spent.

Fast forward to last year, and when I looked, it seemed like the credit cards had overtaken the charge cards, and in fact, the charge cards were hidden on their website.

The credit cards had the same annual fees as the charge cards, the same perks, but obviously had a credit limit where the charge cards had none.

The APR is never great, so if you are looking to spread the cost of purchases, I’d still go elsewhere.

Ultimately, from what I could see at the time, there was very little difference these days between charge and credit cards from Amex.

The Gold Credit card is still one of the best all around rewards cards - I find the “membership points” you accrue work out more than the cash back on other cards - But this is entirely dependent on what you spend them on.

The Gold credit card is free for the first year (£140 per year after that), and you’ll get a load of membership points as a bonus (probably enough for 1 or 2 adults to fly for free on a return trip with BA anywhere in Europe).

If you went down that route, I’m happy to send you a referral code where you get extra points (and I get them as well), but I won’t post it on here :smiley:

If you want to know anything else, just let me know.


Amex quietly discontinued the Gold charge card for new applications a few months ago. Card design remains the classic Gold card style, but for new applicants you’re applying for a credit card. Green and Platinum (and Centurion) are still charge cards. I have a chargecard with a companion credit card (which is fee-free as a companion card) and I’m hoping they keep it that way…

Not sure if the rules have changed, but I was able to cancel my charge card and keep the companion card, paying no annual fee and still accruing (and keeping my existing) membership reward points.

But this was before the credit card was publicly available.

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If 0% cards are something that interests you then you probably don’t want an Amex.

They do have an offer of 0% for 18 months earning MR points. Not as long as some, but I think it’s a pretty decent offering.

Can/will this be linked to a pot? so that you could have a linked pot that will fill as your credit card gets used?


What are the benefits that make it worth 140 a year?

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Personally think im going to go for the gold rewards card when my current interest free period ends at end of april.

Plan is to use those juicy points for a free flight as part of my travels next year.

Is there anything in the terms stopping you from stopping the gold rewards card after the first year before the fee for the second year kicks in?

No nothing at all, it’s very easy. Even if you’re a little late on cancelling they’ll pro rata the refund. Amex have truly great support, I’ve never had any quibble and they’re always happy to close no problem.

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For those merchants that don’t accept Amex, can you use it through Apple Pay?

No, afraid not!

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I think from the picture that it would just show the outstanding balance, rather than meaning that individual payments get shown. If it was categorising individual payments etc I too would probably use a cash back card.


Sadly, no. If a retailer doesn’t take Amex, it doesn’t matter if you present the card or a phone.

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I STILL can’t sign up to AMEX using my one and only email address; it has a hyphen in it which AMEX’s IT system seems to hate.

I’ve reported it via the phone but it’s never been fixed. :frowning:

On the plus side, I’m quite happy with my Tandem card.


Fantastic addition. As an avid Amex Cashback user this will come in handy!

I can’t see this option in the app. How do you link the amex to monzo?

Its a work in progress… more than likely a month or two away before being actually available in the app :slight_smile: