Credit and debit cards that advertise fraud protection/refund

The recent TikTok issue and relevant discussion going on in that thread made me want to research which banks advertise fraud protection, namely that they will refund fraudulent transactions if not done by the cardholder.

I have looked at a few webpages, to see who advertises it clearly. I have not delved into T&Cs as I am interested (and trust) more in those that make it clear they will refund fraudulent charges.

To my slight surprise, neither Monzo nor Starling say this. Starling just mentions fraud protection in general, and Monzo’s text reads “we will usually refund” them.

Nationwide make no mention of it.

Barclaycard say they will refund fraudulent charges plus interest charged (and I have personal experience of that from nearly 20 years ago).

Halifax Clarity Credit Card make it clear they will refund.

Are there other cards others here have checked to see if they promise to refund fraudulent charges?

TSB is the only one I’ve specifically seen with a guarantee

However this still says 98% of claims. Probably as good as it will get. However reading the FAQs, maybe they’re including claims that were rejected for not being eligible.


I think all banks have to refund the transaction if it’s shown to be fraudulent and not done by the customer. The balance you’ll see in some other banks is probably more around how much effort they put into investigating whether it was due to lack of care to their card (etc), or whether it was through malicious intent, or an accidental purchase etc.

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Unless the customer was ‘grossly negligent’ with your security details yes. All banks refund fraud because they have to - no need to advertise it!

Unsure of whether TSB are guaranteeing to refund even when someone for example gives their PIN to someone else. It’s pretty unclear where the boundaries are and how they differ from other banks.


I understood it to be scams, rather than fraud from a stolen card or something.

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Possibly. It doesn’t actually say I don’t think.

There is a type of scam where someone is convinced to make a bank transfer to someone via social manipulation that the normal rules don’t cover.

Still, this wouldn’t affect me because I wouldn’t fall victim to those scams, same with most people here I would think.

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Yeah, I wish there was a way to opt out of the warnings in banking apps with a “no, really, I’m fine” setting, instead of some apps prompting them every time you open them. I get why they need to do it as not everyone is savvy and clearly there’s been a rise in them, but it gets a bit much after a while.

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There’s no point wasting your time researching that particular point. It’s covered here by the regulator: Unauthorised payments from your account | FCA

There are some circumstances outlined by the regulator where a bank can refuse to pay out - for these you will need to delve into the T&Cs

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Thank you, I didn’t know it was an FCA regulation :heart:

The fact that some banks seem to advertise it and make a big deal of it and others don’t didn’t help either.

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If this a real worry for you, then I’d get a credit card. You’ll still have to go through the hassle to get it fixed but it won’t leave you skint in the mean time.


Santander offer free Scammer Pants.