COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Opposite arms for me! Right is doing better than the left so far! Not sure on the flu vaccine but the covid one was the new modified pfizer version which covers both strains.

Last year I was bit eh the day after, but otherwise fine. Hoping for the same again this year! Flu symptoms I can deal with easy, it’s the cold ones I can’t bear. Flu makes me sleep, cold stops me sleeping.

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Had flu jab a couple of weeks ago and Covid (Pfizer bivalent) this week. No side effects at all from flu jab and just a sore arm around the injection site for the Covid jab. Also slept rather badly the night of the Covid jab but that could just have been a coincidence.

The Covid jab knocked my sister for six for a couple of days.


Don’t think I’ll be getting a peaceful sleep tonight! Symptoms are starting to start up a bit.

On the arm side of things, the flu arm feels like it’s gonna bruise. It’s killing me. The covid arm is just a bit achy and heavy feeling.


COVID jab was shocker for me recently.

Need to book my flu but coincidentally have a shite cold right now :sweat_smile: soon as it clears up I’ll be on it.

Covid jab knocked my wife out for a day too, and she’s never reacted to a covid jab before… it seems this one is a bit of a tough one.

Still need to sort it out… and my natural procrastination isn’t being helped by news like that…

Would it help if I said a strong reaction is a good thing? It means your body is generating the necessary defences to fight off a COVID infection.


The first night’s sleep was rough. Had to resort to calpol sixplus!

Felt rough for the few days after, but it just made me sleep more. Only lost a days worth of work out of it. Back to normal now.

The hard part for me was keeping hydrated. I’m not the best at remembering to drink, which only makes the side effect symptoms worse!


It’s certainly not a bad thing. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that a mild (or no) reaction implies that your immune system hasn’t responded appropriately.