COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Reading all these news articles, I realised the hill that I’ll die on is that none of these ‘staycations’ are actually staycations.

By definition, with a staycation, you are staying at home.


Stay is relative, I can leave my house and walk for an hour while staying in my town.

By definition, with a staycation, you are staying in your homeland.

*I’m not a fan of the term either I work in the sector and cringe everytime I hear it.

Your definition does not work. If I leave London and travel seven hours to Cornwall or the Lake District to stay in a hotel, I am still in my homeland but I am absolutely on vacaction (or holiday, if you prefer).

There’s nothing wrong with going for a long walk, but at the end of the day you’re still going back to your own home. That’s what the ‘stay’ means in this context, you’re sleeping in your own bed.

(I mean, try applying your definition to the Australia. If someone from Sydney goes to Perth on holiday, is that a staycation? Really?)


Absolutely you are but more and more over the years “holiday” and “vacation” have been linked in people’s minds with going abroad, so having a separate term for holidaying without going abroad has come about.

You can stay in your homeland while being on vacation, hence staycation.

Just chosing a different hill to die on than you, to stay doesn’t automatically mean to stay in your own home.

Probably not, I wouldn’t like to comment with any certainty on the holidaying trends of another country, on the other side of the world. But if I were to speculate, I’d say a smaller percentage of the Australian holiday makers would have been traveling abroad for their holidays to begin with so there would have been less need (need, in the losest of terms) for a distinction for holidaying at home, when there is already a term for going overseas, abroad.

Wild speculation there and I’m not willing to defend it in the slightest.

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The Oxford Dictionary of English agrees with you, so fair enough. Staycation, as I understand it, is an interchangeable term that can be used to describe both anyway. Needless debate IMO, not like frauded.

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@Remi @Rat_au_van

I created this thing today called Rajaton, it means open in Suomi.

It uses alternative DNS I own, and a Root CA for SSL, and runs my own .xe TLD haha

I don’t know if there’s any point, but I dislike centralisation of the internet

Edit: thinking about it, I could just make an EXE that adds tons of domains to the host file, for .xe.
so there’s no need for DNS changes, + adds the root CA.

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So far off topic now that the original topic can only be seen using the Hubble space telescope


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So to get back to Corona, the download festival went ahead this weekend.

Copy is from The Guardian live blog, before anyone mentions the copy and paste, couldn’t link to it from mobile, it’s not behind a paywall.

The organiser of Download Festival said it is “100% evidence” of how large-scale music events can go ahead amid the pandemic.

Melvin Benn, who is behind the UK’s largest rock show, said this weekend’s 10,000-strong event in Donington Park, Leicestershire, is a “very clear demonstration you can do it”, PA reports.

The festival takes place annually in June and usually hosts up to 80,000 rock and heavy metal fans.

But the three-day festival has been downscaled this year as it runs as part of a government live events pilot, meaning fans do not have to wear masks or socially distance.

The three-day festival is running as part of a government pilot and has 10,000 rock fans in attendance.

Mr Benn said: “It’s extraordinary really. It’s really fantastic. I am very heartwarmed by it all. The level of compliance around the testing and requirements we have is absolutely extraordinary.”

Asked about the idea it remains impossible for such mass events to be Covid-secure, he said: “It is evidence that this is not true. It is 100% evidence that it is not true. This is a very clear demonstration that you can do it.”

Bit of a bold statement from the organiser, given its only just finished and no one’s going to know infection rates this quickly. I looked at what testing they were doing. Lateral flow, so basically the ones that are pretty much found to be useless. Even our education authority has ditched them and had schools doing the swab version.

The test will be what actually happens to the attendees in the next week or so.


Agree with your general comment, but rapid lateral flow test is the swab version.

However festival goes had to undertake a PCR test from what I’ve read. This is the same swab but analysed on a lab and more accurate.

With regard to the organisers comments:

  1. As you say we need to wait and see to see if the procedures implemented worked.

  2. Event was at a quarter of normal capacity so doesn’t show that large events can go ahead with normal numbers.

However they should be congratulated at organising an event with the restrictions snd testing siluggested by the government in such a short time.

Now it’s a waiting game.


A Guardian link, not the one I think you were copying from but provides some added context nonetheless:

Will probably take a week or two before we see what affect it has on cases, eh.

Yep I covered that in my post…

Australia wasn’t really the point of my post though, I wasn’t the one who brought it up. I was just speculating on why new terminology is being used here in the UK, it may work for Australia and it might not.

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exactly, seems they implemented everything and people followed, by the stories so far. I do really hope that the next couple of weeks still show it was successful.

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So booster jabs are almost certainly on the way but they’re trialling the best combinations according to Matt Hancock on BBC Breakfast this morning.

I’m double jabbed but happy to have a booster if it gives me protection through the winter.

Not that it’s realistic in today’s age, but I’d be so much happier if the limited vaccine supply were just left to countries who need it for the rest of the year, or at least until every country has the supply it can use.

Nobody even knows if a booster program is necessary, and yet we do know that supply limitations will mean many of the worlds vulnerable will die needlessly in 2021.

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