Could we do our part?

So with all that is going on in the world with the pandemic & companies going under. I for one would really hate to see Monzo go under.

Could we do our part by buying the Monzo plus subscription which is only £5 a month.

I bought it, I know it’s not a significant amount of money but if we all got involved, it would be another stream of income for Monzo in these troubling times.


They aren’t going under, they have plenty of VC cash to keep them going

Get plus if you think it’s worth it to you, not as a support Monzo thing


I would rather rip my fiver up than give any money to charity.

Surely you can’t brush all charities the same?

Some do lifesaving work


Please post a photo of a fiver you’ve ripped up. Please come back and post new photos, each and every month, of other fivers you’ve ripped up. Better than it going to charity, eh? :thinking:


It is bizarre how people choose to spend their money :slight_smile: I suppose its their money though :man_shrugging:


In short no

Plus isn’t of any value to me and they’re not going under anyways



And donate to charity - even the crud ones are better than burning £5 a month.


I’m not sure you physically can. Not without scissors, but that would be cutting.


What a strange comment


Buy Monzo Plus because you see at least £5/m of value in the features it offers.

Buying Monzo Plus to “support Monzo” will probably do more harm than good, as it will give the product team an incorrect idea of why Monzo Plus is popular, stymying future development & planning.


I don’t want Monzo to go anywhere (I don’t think it will anytime soon) but I’m not giving them money for the sake of it. As soon as I deem Plus not worth my £5 I’ll cancel it!


If everyone bought Plus wouldn’t that send the wrong message?

Would Monzo then think its amazingly popular and base more decisions on that which in turn would cause more issues.


As a person on benefits who is trying to accrue some
savings, a fiver a month is a lot to me.


Sorry but no - Monzo are a bank not a charity or a product - while it should be a revenue stream for them, I personally think you should only buy it if you want something it offers, not to “support” Monzo

And if they “go under” (unlikely but you never know), well there are many other banks that offer much the same these days to be frank - I’m sure we’de be ok.

Before I get jumped on as “anti Monzo” - I quite like Monzo


At first glance, this is a bizarre suggestion - but it’s not that far removed from the ‘supporters’ level of Monzo Plus 1.0.

I’m given to wonder if £2.50/month for a special card (plus virtual cards?) wouldn’t have been better received than the current offering. Triodos reckon they can run a bank ethically and sustainably on £3/month (admittedly, its not been popular…). I’m willing to pay a bank for banking features.

If you want to support Monzo, save those fivers and wait for another crowdfunding round. Startups make losses by design, what they really need is your ideas for ways to persuade people to pay for banking - and ideally give the fivers to a charity as has been suggested.


As others have said, paying for Monzo plus if you don’t find value in it won’t be a good idea as it’ll give them a wrong impression about their product, also donating to a bank is ludicrous.

The best thing you can do for Monzo is to actually use them as your main bank account. Have your salary paid in, have DDs and bills come out of your account and use it for general spending.


I think the heat is affecting peoples brains.

Invest in a business :white_check_mark:
Donate money to charity :white_check_mark:

Donate money to a bank :crazy_face:


Said with an emoji. A language that Monzonauts will understand. :+1:


Well I hope you all have a great Tuesday. :cowboy_hat_face:

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