Could Monzo link with social media e.g. Swarm (4sq)

… so that the notification pops up then enables somebody to touch to check-in on Swarm (or other social media outlets…)

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Definitely :smiley:

In fact an independent developer has already created an app that checks you into Swarm, whenever you complete a transaction -

And another an independent(ish) developer (he’s one of the Monzo co-founders) has created an app to check you in on Foursquare (using a less precise process to find the merchant in the Foursquare database) -

Note: this app may no longer work as it was created a while ago & there’s been a few changes to the API.

Monzo actually uses the Foursquare database to check merchant’s locations & enables developers to access the merchant’s Fourquare Id from the API, which helps simplify the process for developing these particular apps.

Hopefully in the future users will be able to set up a simple rule through IFTTT or Zapier to replicate this functionality without needing to write code though, once the API is ready & Monzo’s got themselves set up on those sites :zap:


Superb! … but, what does one do with that code!! :slight_smile:

To be honest, if you’re not sure exactly how to use the code (I couldn’t walk you through the process step by step either, off the top of my head :grimacing:), I wouldn’t try to use it in case something goes wrong…

So I guess for now, you’ll have to take my word that it does what you’re looking for :innocent: & hope that the API gets set up with one of the sites that I mentioned soon :pray:

To give you some sense of when that might be, it’s probably going to have to be stable in order for the integrations, that’re planned for within the next 6-9 months (according to the roadmap), to be set up.

And judging by the fact that the Head of Partnerships role is no longer on Monzo’s career page, it looks like they’ve found someone for that position. So it’ll be pretty awkward for them if they don’t get this sorted within that sort of timeframe, as a large part of their job is to get these integrations set up!