Costco Petrol Stations USA

I’m heading to the US in October and hiring a car - planning on driving a fair bit so will need to fill up with petrol several times.

I’m a Costco member in the UK and was hoping to use their gas stations whilst I’m there - I have two questions really:

Has anyone used their Monzo CA card at Costco gas stations in the US? Do they request a zip code? If so - will they accept a dummy zip code or numbers from UK postcode followed by 0s etc?

It looks like Costco put a $100 pre-authorisation when using a debit card - any ideas how long this takes to drop off? If not, would Monzo customer operations team be able to free up the funds for me with the caveat that the pre-auth may actually settle and the money be credited?

Separate from the Costco question, is there any specific advice on using pay at pump in the US…? I may have to use other companies’ gas stations so would appreciate any general advice.

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