COps Practical Task

Hi there!

I applied over Christmas and had an email to do the practical task and send it back in the next few weeks. I love the idea of this task however I am finding it difficult in terms of layout and in context? These are incredibly hard questions which - unless you worked in a mobile bank - you would have no idea how to answer. I love Monzo and customers so I know this role would be perfect for me but I wouldn’t want to jeopardise this because I am unsure of the task?

Please help!

Did you see this?

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Yeah I struggled with that as well, couldn’t figure out what they wanted at all

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Have you done any of it or have you just left it? I feel like I sound stupid but I’m really not sure what they’re asking for

Done it and flunked it :joy:

Some of those questions it was just how am I supposed to know this unless I’m trained? I guess they’re just testing your reasoning skills but had no idea how much of that they wanted as an explanation

Hey Sam,

Sorry to hear you are struggling.

The idea behind the task isn’t to get to “the right answer” - it’s to test logic and reasoning. Don’t worry about not knowing precisely what we would actually do. Just be clear-headed and explain your thought processes.

Hope that helps :grinning:


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