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Mortgage rates are coming down slowly, still higher than before, but downwards is at least better.


Oooo what’s the link to the article this is in please?


I was supposed to complete tomorrow, but BOI sent a fax to my solicitors on Friday saying they can’t release the funds as they don’t have a Direct Debit mandate from me. They would only accepted a printed form in the post, sent by RM Special delivery next working day on Friday and it’s yet to arrive with them :rage: :rage: .

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It’s not a news article, it was an email from a mortgage brokers I’ve had quotes from it the past. They tend to send out regular alerts about the interest rates.


Hopefully the start of many more offers coming up on lower interest rates


So, looks like I’m moving house! :tada: With that, I’m looking at how to move house. I’m moving pretty far, and so need something more than just a van with me.

Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, or pricing they have paid for previously moving house with a removal company, so I can know if I’m being screwed over, or if it’s legit! (I am getting a few quotes, but thought best to ask here too!)

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A few people recommended to me and I had a good experience with them.

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There’s a guide on Which? which includes plenty of advice - and a table with guide quotes. That sounds like what you’re after.

Though if you’re getting multiple quotes, the consistency of the quotes themselves should also be a guide. If one company is massively more expensive, they might be ripping you off - or if one is suspiciously cheap, they’re probably cutting corners somewhere.


Like anything with trades / services, get at least three quotes so you know what the playing field looks like.

Last time I used a local company and they were great. I’d generally go for a reliable local company if you can find one. It’s difficult to say prices without a detailed description of the amount of things you have, the service level you need and the distance.

Remember to get your 20% discount for paying in cash :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s probably one of those things that are quite hard to compare.

Our neighbour retired after running their own removals company for many many years. They specialised in moving people long distances and used a huge truck (more like a lorry) to do everything in one go.

They tailored their service to the customers requirements. You could literally do nothing if you chose and they’d come round, box everything, wrap everything, go into your loft, load and unload the truck etc. They had all sorts of specialist lifting equipment, padded wraps, made sure everything was super secure and well protected etc. They even had storage they could temporarily keep all your stuff in too.

On the other end of the scale you will likely find people who will just throw everything in a truck (only if you put it outside first) and throw it out in a pile at the other end :sweat_smile:


Had my offer on a property accepted around 6 weeks ago.

I’m now at the exchange of contracts phase. Preliminary date for completion 30th.

Incredibly excited but also incredibly nervous!



That’s quite a quick turn around too!

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Thank you! The solicitors and the mortgage broker have been incredibly efficient so far and also very human in their touch. No question too silly or too small. It’s taken out a large amount of stress!

If the council had been equally quick we’d have had everything sorted in under 4 weeks!

It’s been very quick! We were planning for the end of July but the seller asked if I’d like to bring it forward which was fine by me :blush::raised_hands:


Good luck with it.


A good solicitor is a very rare find. I might DM you for their deets if I move again!


Contracts exchanged! Think it’s going to be the slowest week of my life waiting for completion


So yesterday we completed around midday and I got the keys very shortly after!

For me, it was a very smooth overall process which I’m very grateful for.

Exciting to be on the property ladder! Now just got to smash that mortgage :raised_hands:


Congrats! Don’t forget to add the mortgage to Monzo (and cry/congratulate yourself on your progress).

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Do people have any good online conveyancer recommendations? Looking at sale only (for now), a good experience ideally with an app, and communicative.

Think this is the second time you’ve asked for a recommendation that includes an app.

Just an observation, and by no means a criticism. I just wondered why it’s important enough to you to call out in the requirements?