Came up against an issue when doing a loan application the other day. The company required access to my bank details using this service and Monzo wasn’t listed.

What details? They can get any relevant details for the application from your credit record… and you can tell them sort code and account number to pay into easily enough.

I’m not sure I’d trust a loan company who hadn’t updated their bank list in over a year!


I don’t think it’s a case of simply updating a bank list. appear to be an AISP who provide a portal from which you can share your bank transaction data with other organisations. Several AISPs don’t yet support Monzo. Yolt and Emma are the only two I have encountered that do.

AISP - Account information service provider

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Apologies, I read the applying for a loan and assumed that’s what it was.

They haven’t tweeted since middle of January, 21 followers and isn’t much about them online, but they are FCA registered.

Suggest the OP contacts them to see if they can add Monzo to the banks they use.