Connected Card

It’ll be extremely useful if monzo could make a connected card to give to someone your trust or even if you don’t wanna carry your main card around and the ability to set limits such as atm/shops/amounts/online


Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Anything other useful features you feel Monzo should just copy?

Nothing wrong with copying. They’re a few banks who offer this.

If you think something is wrong with copying then why does monzo have a debit card, pots, a app and a gambling block for example all these was made by another bank first

Pots, and the gambling block were Monzo first. You think Monzo copied having a debit card?

Barclays had the block for a few years now

Pots NatWest had for years and even gave you a sort code and a account number for each saving pot

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Barclays gambling block = December 2018
Monzo gambling block = June 2018

Every high street bank has savings accounts with account numbers. Those aren’t Pots, are they? NatWest still doesn’t have ‘Pots’.

Is this accurate? From what I recall Monzo had the gambling block in testing from about April or May but in fact Starling was the first to have the gambling block available for all customers in June, and then Monzo launched it to everyone about 10 days later. You could still say Monzo’s was first perhaps, but Starling’s was definitely the first to launch to all customers.


I don’t think monzo was the first as someone else stated above

You’re right. Starling was about six days before Monzo, although Monzo went public with it in May, so if there was any copying going on…

Facts are good.