Connected accounts - what can you do?

I am thinking about trying Plus because of the account integration. What can this achieve? Is it literally just balance and transactions or are there any notifications etc?

For now yes.

Monzo have built their own integration which is separate to what other banks use, so it will allow them to build more features on top of it.

It was rumoured the other week that there could be a connected pot with some fancy functionality. I’ll see if I can find it…


Cool. I might use it for my joint account (HSBC). I can’t convince my wife to move to Monzo so we can have a Monzo joint (I assume she needs a personal account first)

Yeah you need a personal account in order to have a joint account.

Found the hinted at feature too:


As @Ordog said, that’s it for now.

You can try it for free for two weeks (as long as you don’t order the card) to see if is worth it for you.

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