Confirming payment name

Issue: when I setup a payment, during the verification of a payee, if the name is different (even by one letter) my choice is go back or continue.
If I choose Go back to edit the payee details I lose all the payment data I set up.
This seems unnecessary, especially when you the name of a business is often including Ltd or other additional words that could be auto corrected.

It would be preferable to be able to press a button to fix the name to the one you find. Or if going back, let me change the name manually but keep all the payment details setup.

Details to reproduce: enter a payee with a wrong name, fill in the payment details (especially long reference number and schedule info… Which is a pain to do again), get told the name is wrong, click ago back to edit, press next
OS: android 12
Device: Pixel 6 pro
**App Version:**04.32.0

Screenshots: prefer not to