Concern regarding recent app update

(Fillip Hannisdal) #1

The most recent iOS app update had a line in it that was concerning to me; Monzo is “testing partnerships that save you money”.

Does that mean the app is going to have a bunch of useless “offers” like “get 10% off your order with SomeMerchant” and such things?

If so, I would hope there is an option to completely turn this off. I do not want to see this anywhere in the UI, and I do not want to receive notifications about offers.

I’ve never seen or received an offer I am actually interested in via my existing Bank of Scotland app, and I don’t like the idea of feeling compelled to spend money just to take advantage of an offer.

I hope that is not a route Monzo goes down, I hope I misread the update notice and that I am blowing this out of proportion.

(Tom is my hero. Not that one. ) #2

Check this thread out: Switching Energy provider offer in feed

(Alex Sherwood) #3

If you have any feedback regarding Monzo’s testing of the partnerships functionality, please post it in the topic that Chris has shared a link to.

I’ve closed this topic to keep all of the feedback in one place (where Phil is looking) & to avoid this discussion beginning again from scratch.