Commuted spending category

Hi! I’m trying to put all my payments into categories so that I can budget better but for some reason my bills are not going in the bills pit but are saving in the commuted spending… is there any way of making them show in both? Thanks

If you have Monzo Plus you can select more than one category, otherwise you can only choose one.

Hi Asya & welcome :wave:

If I’m interpreting your post correctly, you have a bills pot and scheduled payments set-up and want to see the scheduled payments in both the bills pot and the committed spending section (as upcoming payments) of Summary?

If my interpretation of the issue is correct, you can’t see both unfortunately. Summary doesn’t show upcoming payments that are assigned to be paid from a Bills pot. It shows them in Summary after they have been paid from the Bills pot.

Payments not assigned to a Bills pot do show as upcoming in Summary.

But this situation does allow you to see what is going to be paid from the Bills pot (‘Left to pay…’) and also what is going to be paid from the main account (Subscriptions/CPA’s/Payments not assigned to a Bills pot) in Summary/Committed spending ‘£xx upcoming’ under each category value.