Community #tbt: coral core cards

(Yen Pham) #1

We thought it’d be fun to have a look at what we were talking about this time last year :relaxed: This week last November, you were excited to be… :drum: getting a sneak peek of debit cards with a hot coral core!

This got the forum talking about what variants of debit card they’d like to see. @GalaxyMergirl suggested three kinds (unembossed all-coral; plainer, navy embossed card, maybe with a coral core; and accessible versions of these two engraved with Braille). @ianlyon suggested a navy blue magstripe. @Jordan noticed that with the new coral core, the Monzo card was more transparent in the light.

Now that we’ve had the coral core for a while, are you happy with it? What other changes or suggestions would you make?

Community #TBT - 22/11
(Sam) #2

Are all newly issued cards now coral core? I’ve still got 2 years left on my white core card :disappointed_relieved:


Definitely want unembossed. I’ve only had my card since May and the white paint has disappeared from all the raised lettering.

(Chris Rimell) #4

I love my coral core, it really finishes the card off.

One of the discussions previously has been about portrait cards (rather than the traditional landscape cards). With the removal of the need for the signature strip and the way in which cards are used these days it does seem like the way to go. Some other banks have already made their move here, and I’d be interested in seeing what Monzo have in plan for this?

+1 on this, my partner (who has had his account less time than me) no longer has any white on the embossed numbers now. It must cost more to emboss no?

(Andre Borie) #5

It must cost more to emboss no?

Technically yes but the cost is insignificant when done at scale.


What? New cards have coral core?! I had no idea about this. I’m sure I just saw my (white core) card go down that grid over there behind you.

(Allie) #7

Does embossing really cost more than laser engraving? I doubt it.


Wouldn’t engraving be on metal cards? Of which Monzo don’t offer :thinking:

(Allie) #9

Laser engraving is also done on plastic. It is more burning than true engraving.


Isn’t burning plastic not very good an idea

(Hugh Wells) #11

Nope! AllPay produced cards are white core, all Nitecrest (including Joint Account and Investor cards) are coral core :raised_hands: