Glasgow Meetup Talks

(Naji Esiri) #1

A huge thanks to everyone who came to our meetup in Glasgow last week!

You can watch the talks in ‘Designing Overdrafts the Monzo Way’ and ‘Delighting a Billion Customers’ below.

That was our last meetup outside London for 2017, but keep an eye on Twitter for a poll to decide where we’ll be popping up in January :grinning:

(P Burrows) #2

Awwww there was a meetup in Glasgow!! Gutted I didn’t know about it.

(Brian Hunter) #3

Aye, I just happened to peruse their twitter, which I almost never do, and saw that it was on the same day. So I think Twitter is what to keep any eye on for any future ones in the coming year.

(P Burrows) #4

I never use Twitter! :grinning: I don’t use Facebook either. Ah well I’ll jist have to pay more attention to the forum.

(Brian Hunter) #5

Me neither usually. Dunno how I ended up on the Monzo one. Didn’t notice it adverted on the forum either,