Community, Charity or Club account

(Gemma) #1

Hi, I run a Girl Guide Unit and when looking to open a bank account and use one it’s so old fashioned and out dated. If I want to buy something on debit card, I have to use my own money then claim back as I need more than one signee to buy things. Taking off and adding people to the account is a nightmare and requires people to physically go into some banks together to do this! Which can be difficult when all local branches are closed!
Could you create an account for clubs that have dual acceptance of expense on debit card transactions i.e. like you have the enter your pin thing on the app if buying goods online (other signee gets notified on app and has to authorise etc). Also use of cheque deposit technology like Lloyds bank whereby you take a pic of chq front and back in the app and it is deposited into your account. Banks are so far behind with these types of accounts.


Hey Gemma. Someone asked this question recently and received a reply from Jack @ Monzo:

Cheque imaging is something being developed too but requires regulatory things to happen first - the date for that is August I believe.

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Thank you thats great. Monzo would be a perfect fit and would help drag this type of accounting out from the dark ages! Cheque deposit function is great to hear too.


Hi Gemma,
I’m in your exact same position and totally agree! What account are you using at the moment? We’re struggling to even get view only online banking at the moment, it’s a total nightmare.

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Hi I am using Lloyds but its taking ages to set up. Its their treasurer account but we use it for the Hut and its generally quite good.